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This is a blog for two American Eskimo dogs — Angel and Snow White.

They came into the house on the evening of  May 24, 2008. I ran into them on Craig’s List, called the number in the ad, very soon here they were beginning a week’s trial.

Angel — just arrived

Where’s Snow White? They’re sisters, they must be together, always!

Errrrrr, she must be hiding somewhere. 😦

Anyway, after one week, she decided to stay!

Now, one month later, since the sisters have settled down quite well, the three of us started this blog. And, yes, most of time it will be me typing, or even writing for them, as they, dogs, just focus on experiencing their every present moment of life. Is there anything more right than this?

Still I’d like to keep tracks of their cute little paw prints… without knowing much of their history, and hoping to remember more of their future days, as I, sadly, am a human.

About Angel and Snow White: They’re sisters. Their vaccine record says they are 10 this year.  They have been living in this area during at least the past 6 – 7 years.

That’s all.

But if they don’t care themselves (as they never talked to me about their past), why should I?

Just enjoy, they say.


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