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My best friend came over and stayed with us last week.

We knew the girls would bark. So when they did it, both of us turned around and walked away while kept talking. And they stopped it right away. Moreover, Snowy sniffed around my friend, very interested.

Soon Angel lay down and asked for a good belly rub.

She is so relaxed and peaceful (though only for a short time).

They happily stood by my friend:)

We were lucky to have very cool weather here, though the girls didn’t get as many chances to walk as usual because of my laziness after spending time with my friend. Luckily the coolness lasts, so they got to run freely outside for a while today!

But on the other hand, they also got to watch TV with us as I don’t do that usually. And they got a lot of petting and rubbing from my friend!


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Angel had a good day today. She got to walk outside three times: once in the morning, once in the afternoon, and then took a walk to PETCO while Snow White stayed home and waited! Plus she got to pick her snack herself!

It’s Greenies. She sniffed and sniffed, and even tried to lick it… So no matter it works (for their teeth) or not, I got one for both of them.

Angel got a lot of petting at the check out, to which she seemed quite unaffected! As a reward, I gave her her Greenies right away. And she just held it in her mouth with her head high all the way back home! I really wish I had the camera with me… So cute!

They really love it… They got fully occupied, by this Greenies….

Here Angel checked on Snow White’s progress. Snowy was very focused.

Snowy tried really hard. Poor little girl. Nonetheless, she was very happy about her Greenies! (while Angel peeked into the camera.)

Now they are both soundly asleep. What a day!

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This time we went to the large dog park. One reason we went there is because we saw an Eskie entering there and we had to talk to them!

Both Angel and Snowy like that dog, especially Snow White. I’ve never seen them treating any other dog like that before!

That three-year-old male eskie came with a black Labrador, and soon for some reason they decided to take a walk around the park instead of staying in. And Snow White just followed that eskie everywhere! Apparently that dog also likes Snowy. So sweet!

Look how much they have to say to each other! Snowy is again in her front-leg-bending pose: she feels quite at home! I added some watercolor effect:)

Later we also met a Schipperke! How lovely! His owner told me he is actually a Lab and Schipperke mix. But he still looks just like a black version of the girls (though a little less fluffy)!

Accident. Snowy was knocked in her mouth by a dog of similar size while that dog was in a group chasing game. She bled and one canine tooth was loose:( I think that tooth was already a little loose, but after this, it became extremely loose…

Headache. Angel is nervous with other dogs sniffing her all the time as usual (except for that eskie).

Actually, another reason we went to large dog park is that over there she is less possible to scare other dogs. Like, she barked at a Husky coming to her; luckily that Husky right away stood still there and letting her sniff first, so Angel felt good this time and did really well with that Husky (meaning she didn’t mind that dog around)!

p.s. Oh by the way, we saw Twiggy again today! So glad she is doing well!

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I planned to name this post “Dogi-ality” but this “word” even confused myself.

** ** ** **

I really believe animals can say things with their eyes.

This is how Angel would look into your eyes.

Sometimes, she can also be skeptical.

Angel being skeptical

Snow White tends to have a confused expression on her face, especially when she feels sleepy.

I really love this picture. Even in an all-white background, she still stands out because of the depth of the view and the light reflected on the tiles. She looks so confused from being waken up!

Snow White being confused

When she feels certain and safe, she is just a sweet smiling dog as everyone. Do you also think her tear stain has improved, e.g. compared to the header image at the top (taken a week earlier) ?!

Snow White's latest portrait

Canon 40D. Canon EF 50mm f/1.8.

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