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There were SO MANY dogs in the water park today!


(I am so excited as I know how much they dislike bath tubs! And they are totally dumb while bathing… I was expecting possibly no fun at all but only distress/fear from water and too many strange dogs/people for them…)

Angel even DIVED once! Though she must have gotten more than surprised under water, as once she got on land she was such a snuggle butt! Anyway, she went across the pool (it’s called “Splashwater Harbor”) three times. Even Snow White did it once! (should I buy them an inflatable swimming pool next summer? )

You won’t believe that this is Angel only one hour after her brave dive… How can I reply to “they won’t be so white after they swim/ this doesn’t look like a dog who often comes here” with some sense of humor next time? I know they are just kind jokes, but I really wanted to tell them that Eskies are a very very clean breed, naturally!

Snowy didn’t dive but her rear was soaked in water!

Angel was so tired. She couldn’t believe how Michael Phelps could swim that much in a day and still win several medals! Angel, I hope you had a sweet dream!

Sorry, no pics of the real play at the park… my man, who planned to go together, had to work while the three of us had fun 😦 though I did try to shoot some myself.

First, a photo of other dogs in play~~ This place is called “Waikiki Beach Wave Pool”. There’re man-made waves! And on that blue platform across the pool there’s a live band!

There are also several funny canine contests today~~ I love the music during “Doggie Bulldover” game so much — “who let the dogs out (woof, woof, woof, woof)” — and the winner is actually a very agile Sheltie or Border Collie (my guess; but definitely a herding dog)! That dog knocked over the bottles precisely as the handler pointed to them. Very well trained!

Here is Snowy sunbathing. She had been walking in some shallow water~~ the sunshine was so bright! and I still didn’t quite know how to adjust that lens:(

We moved to another spot. Still sunbathing.

Now comes Angel, after her dive. Both I and another woman who was standing near were “shocked” — I still don’t think Angel had really realized what that “jump” would mean to her… She surfaced pretty fast. I am so proud of her!

Since I didn’t post as many photos of Angel as of Snow White in the past, here is Angel again. Oh in the right upper corner it’s Snowy, also tired out.

And in the left upper corner — we got two goodie bags of wonderful stuffs (as we pre-purchased two tickets for two adults)! Samples, coupons, and even a refrigerated food roll and treats (all human grade ingredients but for dogs — Wow, look at the pet food trend)!


Now I am looking forward to the winter — I mean if we will have snow… I really cannot wait to see how they will like it in the winter!


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I confess: I am possessed by Eskie’s facial expressions and poses.

And I had to take photos of this as I think Snowy is so cute to “hold” the chair leg to sleep…

last night I had to work late but with them lying by me I felt so motivated:) This is when Snowy was just waken up. Remember the look? This just-waken-up-confused look.

Now you can see how she “held” the chair leg.

This time she kind of knew what was going on.

Here is my favorite one. I stopped after I got THE picture. Hide-and-seek!

It may seem that I like Snow White more than Angel.  Well actually I personally think that Angel is better looking. Unfortunately she is camera-shy… Here she is.

She used to stay by Snowy. Once I pointed at her, she walked away and hid under the table so that there wasn’t even enough light there for the camera to focus on her!!! (as the background is much lighter so the camera auto-focused on the background~~~ and I don’t want to force her anymore.)

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This morning I was waken up by some metal sound.

I thought it was from fixing something. But still I decided to have a look.

Nobody was fixing anything. The girls were happily waiting for their morning pee at seeing me. Everything seemed right.

Except in the cabin where their food is stored, an opened (with still half of the food) can moved to the most inside, lying there.

Now I understood it all.

The girls were reaching for the can! Poor little ones…

This is Snowy after finally having her canned food. Enjoy the fresh, crispy morning air!

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Fall is a busy season. I cannot believe that my last post is two weeks ago! And so is Snow White’s first grooming!

She smells sooooooooooo good after her session.

Such a fluffy little sweetie!

This is when she just got back home. (The other girl was following her.)

Angel was very jealous…

There is a scent called “home”.

This is her doggi-e-robics. (Earlier I got an email in my AE PeskiPix mail list about an Eskie Stolli’s Full Body Shake. It is so funny! Luckily I also got Snowy’s.)

Yet another one.

So cute! And the bandana looks so good on her! I really hesitated to take it off three days later…

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