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It’s getting hot these days and it feels so nice to walk in the night~~

And we were not surprised to meet several other doggies walking with their humans on our way, just like us:)

*                                                    *                                                    *

Here’s a poster we made out of our pics during one such walk.

And you will be able to see “Mom” in it, teehee!

wandering around,

Angel and Snow White


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We hope you enjoy the pics~~



If only this was our backyard…

And, we would love to know,

what flowers do you have where you live right now?

Happy Sniffs,

Angel and Snow White

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Earlier our friends Comet and BLU asked if the birds (we think there are a couple) used any of our fur for their nest. We were not sure… so we did a little investigation (and also wanted to know how the incubating goes…^_^):

Here we go…

These is where we found the nest~~

What do you think of the nest?

Did they use our fur?

some bazaar material…

We are happy to see her again!

She is there 🙂

still troubled,

Angel and Snow White

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