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My best friend came over and stayed with us last week.

We knew the girls would bark. So when they did it, both of us turned around and walked away while kept talking. And they stopped it right away. Moreover, Snowy sniffed around my friend, very interested.

Soon Angel lay down and asked for a good belly rub.

She is so relaxed and peaceful (though only for a short time).

They happily stood by my friend:)

We were lucky to have very cool weather here, though the girls didn’t get as many chances to walk as usual because of my laziness after spending time with my friend. Luckily the coolness lasts, so they got to run freely outside for a while today!

But on the other hand, they also got to watch TV with us as I don’t do that usually. And they got a lot of petting and rubbing from my friend!


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I volunteered at the Animal Shelter this morning.

It’s so hot these days. So I think I can walk them a little bit in the early morning when it’s still cool.

I picked No. 11, Nevada the young female Pit Bull terrier and then No.12 a no name young female Black Labrador. They stayed outside for about 30 minutes, separately. Both are very pretty and smart, though I have to admit that they are a little bit harder to handle than Angel and Snow White because of their size.

This also benefits me as I’ve been thinking about fostering. But I don’t have any first hand experience with large dogs. I’ve also wanted to improve my training skills, and learn how to communicate with strange dogs. Most importantly, I hope I could help them find permanent homes by making them more adoptable.

I felt very bad at the shelter. It’s really sad to see all those dogs staying in a small dog run, day and night, without petting and communication. They all got excited the moment someone comes in. And once a dog is picked and being taken out, they only get more excited and some are definitely not OK with other dogs walking nearby! They would try to charge!

The stray dogs section is even worse. There is a mini poodle who behaves really friendly and it tried to sniffed my hand. But the dogs next to it just kept barking and growling, and it got so confused! The little dog must be stressed out!

When I came back home, Angel kept sniffing me for a long time… she must have sensed the shelter dogs. And she behaved so well after realizing this.

I really hope those dogs will have a happy ending…

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