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It’s getting hot these days and it feels so nice to walk in the night~~

And we were not surprised to meet several other doggies walking with their humans on our way, just like us:)

*                                                    *                                                    *

Here’s a poster we made out of our pics during one such walk.

And you will be able to see “Mom” in it, teehee!

wandering around,

Angel and Snow White


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We hope you enjoy the pics~~



If only this was our backyard…

And, we would love to know,

what flowers do you have where you live right now?

Happy Sniffs,

Angel and Snow White

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Spring is back…

we were very productive…

And we want to share with you…

This is what we found a little more than a week ago.

Then today, we peeked into this shrub again…

Can you see it?

..zoom in…

Look at her little glittering peak!

A Mama bird!

Spring is really back!


Snow White

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This time we went to another park which has only a few ponds, but much much fewer people. This is what we call “Nature”.

Oh how we love the morning air!

It just feels so good!

Does it look like Fall season here?

Again we found pecan branches there… we checked everything and marked them, in turns.

Oh the park also has several creeks.

This one is along the trail. We didn’t get into it.

Actually we don’t like water much. Last time we swam only because mom was in the water and we were worrying about her.

My sister Angel, who believes she is the prettiest and sweetest of all.

But actually right after this she barked at some passers-by on the trail.

If you could look at Mom’s face then, she was SO embarrassed because of this!

And this is only one of my many tricks. Look at my ears!

Can you move your ears like this?

Mom was practicing with the water there…

I think, only this one, after some PS work, is OK.

We were very happy at the park though it was a short walk. Only a little bit more than an hour. But this is a new place so even a short walk is still of a lot of fun. Plus last week we got the result for Angel, so everyone was finally relieved and enjoyed the walk a lot!

We hope you also enjoyed the good weather over the weekend!


Snow White

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I, Angel, also have my goal of life.

To be the prettiest.

(This is me asking mom to let me in and telling her I am hungry.)

Of course it is difficult. A lot of times you have to make the right decision in less than one second, and usually, right decisions are also the hard ones.

Can you imagine how many eskie-shakes, wiggles, rolls and kicks, and how much self-grooming it takes me every day?

Recently one thing really bothers me: I am not pretty any more. I don’t even have my full coat. And I look miserable with a startling pink patch on my face (and butt). Not to say that I am also in pain.

Mom told me it’s just temporary. We are still waiting for some test results and hoping for the best.

Well, as long as I will be pretty again!

For now, let me share with you some latest pics of Snow and me:

This is Snow posing for a head shot that is supposed to be similar to mine.

I think she is jealous of me, LOL.

Mom said this is Snow looking for me when I was alone at the vet’s.

She seems to be very concerned…

Thank you, my little sis. And don’t growl at me next time I eat your food!

This is me watching leaves falling down and listening to the wind.

This is me elegantly turning around~~~

and thanking you all for coming by!



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Mom just doesn’t understand this. But when grooming means standing for several hours while staying still, that is very tiring!

Do you think I can put Snow White’s head into my mouth?

She is just so tiny!

This is when we were waiting, oh, not for Mom, but for going out! 😀

Look at how smaller she is than me~~

Sorry, now back to my grooming… I always tend to forget what I was talking about.

I was so tired that once I got back home, I just wanted to lie there.

Have you noticed how my pants have been chopped off? So embarrassing… especially because now everybody can see my rust-stain-colored butt!

Anyway, I was nice enough to pose for Mom for quite a while~~

This is funny, as I think somehow I look shorter (I mean, length!) and smaller than before in this pic!

To be frank, I don’t think I am any different from Snowy even after the grooming. Or, errrr, maybe except my herbal smell. But you know, if you’re wearing that smell all the time, you cannot really notice it yourself.

So, I think, groomed or not, we are just always clean!



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I confess: I am possessed by Eskie’s facial expressions and poses.

And I had to take photos of this as I think Snowy is so cute to “hold” the chair leg to sleep…

last night I had to work late but with them lying by me I felt so motivated:) This is when Snowy was just waken up. Remember the look? This just-waken-up-confused look.

Now you can see how she “held” the chair leg.

This time she kind of knew what was going on.

Here is my favorite one. I stopped after I got THE picture. Hide-and-seek!

It may seem that I like Snow White more than Angel.  Well actually I personally think that Angel is better looking. Unfortunately she is camera-shy… Here she is.

She used to stay by Snowy. Once I pointed at her, she walked away and hid under the table so that there wasn’t even enough light there for the camera to focus on her!!! (as the background is much lighter so the camera auto-focused on the background~~~ and I don’t want to force her anymore.)

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