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Spring is back…

we were very productive…

And we want to share with you…

This is what we found a little more than a week ago.

Then today, we peeked into this shrub again…

Can you see it?

..zoom in…

Look at her little glittering peak!

A Mama bird!

Spring is really back!


Snow White


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Mom just doesn’t understand this. But when grooming means standing for several hours while staying still, that is very tiring!

Do you think I can put Snow White’s head into my mouth?

She is just so tiny!

This is when we were waiting, oh, not for Mom, but for going out! 😀

Look at how smaller she is than me~~

Sorry, now back to my grooming… I always tend to forget what I was talking about.

I was so tired that once I got back home, I just wanted to lie there.

Have you noticed how my pants have been chopped off? So embarrassing… especially because now everybody can see my rust-stain-colored butt!

Anyway, I was nice enough to pose for Mom for quite a while~~

This is funny, as I think somehow I look shorter (I mean, length!) and smaller than before in this pic!

To be frank, I don’t think I am any different from Snowy even after the grooming. Or, errrr, maybe except my herbal smell. But you know, if you’re wearing that smell all the time, you cannot really notice it yourself.

So, I think, groomed or not, we are just always clean!



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Fall is a busy season. I cannot believe that my last post is two weeks ago! And so is Snow White’s first grooming!

She smells sooooooooooo good after her session.

Such a fluffy little sweetie!

This is when she just got back home. (The other girl was following her.)

Angel was very jealous…

There is a scent called “home”.

This is her doggi-e-robics. (Earlier I got an email in my AE PeskiPix mail list about an Eskie Stolli’s Full Body Shake. It is so funny! Luckily I also got Snowy’s.)

Yet another one.

So cute! And the bandana looks so good on her! I really hesitated to take it off three days later…

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