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This is Angel the White Furry Turtle.

To become a turtle like Angel in the above pic,

first, start from a lake.

The best would be the sea, but a lake also worked in our case.

Oh, remember to take a before picture.

It helps a lot if there’re a lot of ducks to watch/bark at in this process.

The more water birds, the better.

Dehydrating in the process is dangerous.

Don’t forget to drink a lot of water!

Never miss any chance.

A lot of water will be needed.

But, only clean water, please!

as you want to become a cute white furry turtle lying on your human’s comfy carpet,

not a turtle ninja.

If you meet a painter by the lake, please lie down so that you won’t block her view.

Then, after several bridges…

…You will finally become just like Angel here!

Today is a long day after the time change!

wiggles & giggles,

Snow White


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We went to a lake on Saturday.

This place seems familiar to us, but it feels definitely different now without the summer sun! (Mom’s note: the girls have good memory! We went there once in late June – our first time – and it turned out to be a so-so experience. Both were very nervous and lost there.)

We walked and walked and walked, for a long time. Not sure about exactly how long, but we were very tired and hot~~ and until then, the sun gets irritating again.

We saw a lot of ducks! Of all different kinds and sizes! Some smaller ones just floated on the water, doing nothing, enjoying the weather. One of those big ones even tried to get closer for our treats! They’re not for you, Mr. Duck! Plus it’s meaty!

We also passed by a lot of dogs! Not very interested in them… so never mind.

We met even more people! All kinds of people! People in all different cars with four wheels, people on two wheels, three wheels, two wheels dragging a box with two wheels, two feet, two feet with four/eight paws like Mom, people in groups… Oh oh oh so many people!!! The most people we’ve ever met in our walks!!! Amazing! Where do all these many people come from?

Our favorite part of the walk is walking in the woods. Well, not really woods like what you may have imagined, as we could still see busy roads nearby and all kinds of people around; but we were walking in shades and there’re trees on both side of the trail~~ it feels so good! And there’re branches and leaves on the ground which remind us of our home! So sweet… We sniffed and sniffed them for a long time… (Mom’s note: they’re from pecan trees… we have pecan wood in our backyard)

These are us being tired after our first long walk.

Mom took the belt off me, opened the door and asked me if I wanted to rest outside, but I was too tired to move or jump out. – Angel

I think compared to my paws and body, my head is large. Though I was sleepy, I always knew that Angel’s mouth isn’t wide enough to contain my head. – Snowy

I know how to look cute even when I am sleepy.  – Snowy

I slept and slept, with my belt on. And I didn’t get tangled at all. Am I not a sweet girl! – Snowy

I slept with my ears pointed. I am always very alert! Oh and my leash matches the towel! Can you tell them apart? – Angel

Here are us fter some rest.

Can you see the puffy eye bag under my left eye? ARGH! – Angel

Thanks for checking our blog!

We hope next time we will share with you some real hiking pics!


Angel and Snow White

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